COVID-19 Information  

Ensuring that your boat hire visit is safe and enjoyable.
Updated 19th July 2021

What we ask of you....



  • Please enter at the ‘ENTRANCE’ sign.

  • Please queue by following the YELLOW floor markings

  • Please wait 1m behind the group in front of you.



  • We encourage you to please pay with card



  • Please take life jackets from specially marked bins and put on your own children.


Boarding your boat

  • Please wait until a staff member calls you forward. 


Returning your Boat

  • Please wait until a staff member is ready to help you.

  • Please help members in your household out of your boat

  • Please return your lifejackets to the 'Used Life Jackets' marked bin

  • Please leave promptly via the exit only

What we are doing....

  • Separate entrance and exit

  • 1m rule for queuing

  • Hand sanitiser available before and after you boat.

  • Contactless card payment available.

Take care of yourself and we look forward to seeing you soon.